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You can choose your airline and aircraft body type in the drop-down menu to view the Seatmap Key.When traveling with an infant, some bulk head rows are equipped with a portable baby bassinet, though actually getting one can be tough. If you’re seated in a bulkhead row, you’ll need to think ahead and prepare a few toys, snacks, a bottle, or anything else you might need to keep your child calm during take off and landing.Always bring a spare set of clothes for the kids for that inevitable spillage, and bring pyjamas to help with the kids’ in-flight sleeping routine. So you need to be prepared before entering with a squirmy, smelly baby.

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Before my daughter was a year old, I’d already braved six transatlantic flights with her, in addition to six domestic European flights.

where you can read the pros and cons for the seats on your flight.

Better to be safe than sorry with a child too young to reason with.

Always ask for food/bottles to be heated up well in advance of when you need them because cabin crew do not have access to a microwave and will need to use hot water to heat.

Here are some top tips from the experts at Bound Round, the travel app for kids, by kids.

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