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Custom airplane or helicopter designs can even be created and flown using X‑Plane and the included Plane Maker software.X-Plane is used by world-leading defense contractors, air forces, aircraft manufacturers, and even space agencies for applications ranging from flight training to concept design and flight testing.For a PDF version of this manual, use an HTML to PDF converter such as

X-Plane has detailed failure modeling, with multitudes of systems that can either be failed manually at an instructor’s command, or randomly when users least expect it!

Users can fail instruments, engines, flight controls, control cables, antennae, landing gear, or any of dozens of other systems at any moment.

Cessna uses X‑Plane to train new customers in the intricacies of the Garmin G1000.

Dave Rose has used X‑Plane to optimize airplanes for his many wins at Reno.

The situations that can be simulated are unbelievably diverse!

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