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What and how babies eat and how they fart and poop (and sleep) are basically all new parents think about.

I’m not exaggerating — of course the most emotional part of new parenthood is the love and overwhelm that takes us over.

While my boys grow up I feel like I see more clearly the ways summertime affords juicy glimpses into the innocence of childhood.

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My work over the past years with The American Academy of Pediatrics has shaped the study on device-use as a station in my work, but it’s my role as a mother that screams out louder in me right now. Not our kids, per se, I just mean how we all experience this precious gift.

As of December 15, 2017, AOL Instant Messenger products and services will be shut down and will no longer work.

It’s an illuminating look into every parent’s secret obsession – their baby’s poop.

I am thankful, both as a mom and pediatrician for his sound advice and expertise.

The flu shot is the best way to teach your own immune system to fight back if exposed to the virus.

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