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Custom color's rarity, light weight and sound make of this guitar a winner.Excellent action, smooth and easy maple fretboard with frets in good condition.

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Pickups have a loud output and are well balanced, and give the guitar a hot and clear sound. The guitar comes with its original black tolex hardshell case with Fender logo.

A super clean example of a late-70s Stratocaster in exceptionally fine conditions. It has a 1979 serial number and the grey-bottom pickups are dated 19, so the instrument must have been shipped early in 1980.

The guitar comes with its original hardshell case, which in perfect conditions as well.

Another great Fullerton-era Stratocaster, in perfect and all-original conditions, in one of the rarest and most sought-after custom finishes: Lake Placid Blue.

Figured-ash body with brown sunburst finish and maple neck with rosewood fingerboard (and skunk-stripe on the back). No other date is visible, neither on the neck base (the stamp has faded and can't be read anymore) nor on the potentiometers (the date is hidden by the solder-joints).

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