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Only authorized Level-4 security personnel or higher may be allowed to handle, transport, or study SCP-545-B.Drinking SCP-545-B is strictly forbidden and punishable by immediate termination, unless under testing protocol.And although of average human strength, her senses are noted to be above-average, and she scores a general 115 on a standard IQ test. SCP-545-A also displays a pathological fear of death and an addiction to SCP-545-B, and she complies with Foundation personnel under threat of being deprived of her supply of SCP-545-B.

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Item #: SCP-545 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-545 is considered to be three individual parts, and thus each part may be stored differently.

During said excursions she is to be accompanied by a team of 4 armed security personnel and at least one researcher familiar to her.

SCP-545-A is allowed to leave her containment and spend time in Level 0 and common areas, provided that she notify two Level-2 security personnel ahead of time and is supervised during the duration of her leaving her room.

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