Professor dating a phd student

Good thing he (and it's very often a he) is good at what he does and often has perfect memory for scientific details or mathematical values. With a little prodding from the heroes to focus on the matter at hand, he rarely fails to create the tools necessary to save the day. How did prehistoric people quarry, transport, sculpt, and erect these giant stones?

flighty, often forgetting things like the date, people's names, meetings, eating, people's names, etc. Now if you'll excuse me, I must nip on home, as I seem to have forgotten to put on my pants.

His mind tends to run a mile a minute, he can often struggle to hold a normal conversation, and it's typical for him to become so engrossed in his work that he loses track of just about everything else. And some sort of genius, they used to call me, what was it?

I've done a couple of demos lately and have tried to figure out ways to keep them more interesting during the relatively long thinning and shaping stage without switching midway through to a prepared piece.

That's what really struck me about your demo -- when you are ready to start making the point you are already halfway there and the audience was kept interested all the way along.

The "Clovis First" and "Beringia Only" theories have been crumbling for years, but for many of us are now totally collapsed.

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