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(Does that say something for Facebook and My Space? (It's a lot like motorcyclist's opinions on oil, i.e. dinosaur.) Before I type much more, would it be ok to use this thread to list what I use; get other suggestions or should I search for another thread. Again, thank you so very much...computers by doing this: First, shut down the Ad-Aware 2007 service..

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Take care and Blessings, Kaethe One I was having a problem remove the Ad-ware 2007 from my computer also. One last question, why didn't ad-ware give us this solution. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, ad infinitum!!!!

You get my first born...well, how about if I win the lottery you get it all...well, maybe half.

After two days of jerking around with this thing, it took me ten minutes, including reboot time, to finally get Ad-Aware 2007 off my computer. Now, if you're either a glutton for punishment or seriously into the "M" aspect of S and M, you can go ahead and redownload AAW2007. LAVASOFT, if you want to keep your customers, you need to fix the bugs in the new Ad-Aware, pronto!

But I'd download the Google Pack version of "Spyware Doctor." Between that, Zone Alarm Free and AVG Free, most average computer users should be more than well enough protected. Kaethone, After following your instructions on removing Ad Aware 2007, all is gone from my computer.

In addition, it is possible to personalize the tool's behavior when detecting potentially unwanted programs and modifications (PUMs).

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