Potassium argon dating animation

NOVA is on the hunt for alien life on this episode of "Origins", right now.Major funding for NOVA is provided by the Park Foundation, dedicated to education and quality television. Microsoft is proud to sponsor NOVA for celebrating the potential in us all.

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Sloan Foundation to Enhance Public Understanding of Science and Technology, and the George D. Major funding for NOVA is also provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and by PBS viewers like you. Anyone who visits New York City will see all manner of different life forms.

And you don't have to look far to realize that our planet is teeming with a diverse population of living creatures.

The Planetary Society planetary.org/ The Planetary Society is a nongovernmental organization for space advocacy.

On its extensive Web site, access the latest headlines, research findings, and general information on large bodies within our solar system.

Are we alone, or are there alien worlds waiting to be discovered?

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