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Here is the latest from her live You Tube cam stream with updates from the park’s keepers.02.30am GMT: Adventure Animal Park’s evening update reads: “Keeper report is increased swelling in the backend and significant baby kicks from within.“Vet reports all is well and no reason for concern.He said he was “shocked” by what he saw and immediately contacted Amazon and filed a complaint.

He tossed it instead of walking up the driveway,” said Bautista, adding that it landed on top of a rose bed. It didn’t break.” A representative with Amazon was “shocked” and profusely apologized for the second incident.

“I have lived in this home 17 years and I have never had back-to-back incident [like these],” Bautista added.

There are public restrooms available in the area, so why is the runner choosing to use the Buddes' "walkway as her toilet"?

When Nemy Bautista arrived to his Sacramento home on Tuesday, he found what appeared to be dog poop at the bottom of his driveway.

“He grabbed a plastic bag to scoop it up and I told him he couldn’t put it my [trash] can.

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