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And, your book, John, brought that alive for me in an incredibly rich way.So, you write, for example, One of the hardest notions for a human being to shake is that a language is something that is, when it is actually something always becoming. John Mc Whorter: Um, what I mean by that is not what many people would think: which is that I'm trying to make some vague appeal to something called 'the dynamic' or that it has something to do with the fact that social context is always changing.They tell you a word is a thing, when it's actually something going on. It's actually more mundane but in its way, more fascinating than that.

And there's nothing privileged about the one point on the timeline that we happen to be on.

So, Words on the Move is trying to get across to people the basic fact that a language is like clouds in the sky--always changing.

This same trick worked for the family plan when it arrived as well.

If that trick doesn’t work, then maybe you need to update your Google Play Music app first.

These markers will be exposed on the i OS 11 Apple Podcasts app, Omny widgets and pages.

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