Pocket planes flight crew not updating

HOWEVER, on the other hand, you could look at Class 2 and 3 airports as sound investments early on so that when you DO get a Class 2 or 3 plane they will have somewhere to go.Spending a ton of money to buy these types of airports early on could hinder you from growing your fleet and expanding to other Class 1 airports as easily, so it’s up to you.If you don’t have any Class 2 or 3 planes, it might not be beneficial early on to try and open up those types of airports since they really only benefit the larger planes.

Also, you will only see the names of people you have in as a Game Center friend.

Anyone else in your crew that are not friended with you this way will just show up as a number.

That is also why the overall leader board will just show a series of numbers.

There are two ways to get new planes, but both of them cost Bux: you can outright purchase a plane from the market or buy one of three individual parts for them.

It is always beneficial to try and get a one way flight, but, of course, that’s not always possible.

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