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1.40 - 2012/08/20 - Added MP3 recompression support.

- Improved PNG compression by adding Image Worsener. - Removed advzip and Defl Opt from TIFF tool chain, since they have no effect, even on deflated TIFF (Stephan Busch).

1.50 - 2012/08/25 - Added BMP optimization support with Image Worsener.

1.51 - 2012/08/26 - Properly clean temporary file, so in extreme scenarios plugin invocation works as expected (Stephan Busch).

- Improved PNG compression ratio by using tweaking Opti PNG parameters.

- Improved PNG compression ratio including Png Optimizer.

Introduction File Optimizer is an advanced file optimizer featuring a lossless (no quality loss) file size reduction that supports: .3G2, .3GG, .3GP, .7Z, .

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