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While this previously resulted in a high service charge from the service provider, these new phones can stream the movies and other content at no extra charge, making the idea of getting a little erotica on the go a bit more palatable.

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Of course, if you are really having some fun, it’s best to sex text in private so you can truly enjoy the fruits of your texting labor. While it used to be you had to pop your VHS movie (or more recently DVD) into the player and watch your adult movie in the comfort of your home (or sometimes, hotel room), now you can get that movie on your phone for discreet and private viewing on the go.

Most Smartphones can easily stream these movies these days.

Phone sex isn’t just dirty talk, however; it can take a few different forms.

It can be guided by the more expert of the two people, it can include sexual sounds from either or both parties and it can include different sexual stories, anecdotes or confessions.

First, the phone can refer to a landline, your home phone, or your cell phone.

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