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Each time they gave me a time that the package was to be delivered.

My husband 81,this broke his heart,hearing aids in his golf bag also. PICK UPS number when you get a phone center over seas and they can not connect you with someone here in the US?

Its sad that here in the US we have Vet that need jobs, homeless people on the streets, and disabled people that also need jobs that can answer a phone.

Check package status said wrong address may cause delievery delayed, but the day before they verified address when they found package, will reschedule , Here it is a week later, said will deliver today….thanksgiving destroyed, had to tell girls I was sorry, because they counted on me, had bill due on Friday, couldn’t pay….late charges.

I wouldn’t be so mad, if told truth, but lie after lie,asked about refund of overnite fee, still no answer……not the way to treat a Veteran and single grandparent trying to raise two little girls. Reply Tracking #ZRV92910389486370 Shipped husbands clubs from UPS Ceres, Ca on 10-12-17.

I am not a Vet but do believe that they should not be going through what they are experiencing when they come back home. Yesterday I was walking and the speed limit is 25 MPH the UPS driver came around a sharp corner and I was in line of the front and center of his grill of the truck he had to slam on his brakes causing him to skid.

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