Perl script validating email

Experience with workflow monitor to monitor the status of workflows and sessions.• Expertise with SQL queries for backend testing and validated database, comparing the Data.Extensively used the TOAD for Oracle/SQL server for writing SQL statements.• Expertise working with Off-shore team and assigning testing responsibilities and follow up till test completion and reporting the status to Project Manager.cherokee 0.4.21 | Cherokee is a flexible very fast lightweight Web server.

Responsible for updating the weekly reports.• Expertise with issue management based on 32 bit and 64 bit software issues with the coordination of Browser Engineering and technical teams.• Strong experience creating concise and clear reports for distribution and presentation to senior management on a weekly basis.

Experience monitoring and tracking implementation plans.• Experience working with multiple projects- Accessibility, Disaster Recovery Testing, Research, Capital Markets, Windows 7 Conversion, Monthly patch upgrades, Browser upgrade projects.• Experience with beta testing to evaluate new software to meet project requirements and responsible for QA approvals.• Expertise testing the application on data driven testing to test the application functionality on UI..

crm114 – | CRM114 is a system to examine incoming e-mail system log streams data files or other data streams and to sort filter or alter the incoming files or data streams according to the user’s desires.

cronolog 1.6.2 | Cronolog is a simple filter program that reads log file entries from standard input and writes each entry to the output file specified by a filename template and the current date and time.

UNIX packages provides full package support for all levels of Solaris from 2.5, 2.6, 7, ....

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