Peoria il singles dating

Underage is the key as he says in the song "such a dirty mind I always get it up for the touch of the younger kind."The Knack were really destroyed by the success of this song.

In the summer of 1979, in the middle of a sea of disco, this song really stood out.

For me this song captured exactly my relationship with God as I was struggling with the concept of becoming a Christian.

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Kevin Cronin of REO said that he wrote it for a bandmates girlfriend for whom he had the hots.

(See VH1's softsational hits) anyway now everytime the song plays his wife tells him that the line "It's time to pull this ship into the shore..." is the corniest line ever written. I cannot believe that there are only two songs for REO!!

This is a great band and there should be many more entries. Great song and check out the vid for this on You Tube - VERY FUNNY!

You'd thing REO was a two hit wonder since on Songfacts they only have their two biggest and both are ballads.

The Knack also performed a cover version of the Jet's "Are you gonna be my girl" which was even better than the original!!!

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