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I am a true mainer and people who bleed the blood of maine are hard exterior but quality peopl but hard to win over by outsiders.We in maine feel our ethics,hard seasonal changes sets us a part from other regions.

The cost of living here is high because there is a lack of housing and a lack of area to build additional housing.

There are also regulations in place to preserve historic areas and keep current ocean views for buildings already in existence, which is great but also contributes to a lack of new construction.

While Portland is a liberal city, people are not as open-minded as one would expect. There is a trail system through the city and you will find areas to bike and run.

Also, you are more likely to find fine quality, local handmade products instead of massed produced items from a lot of big boxed stores.

I couldn't find anyone who would describe the neighborhoods to me. The 4 'neighborhoods' - The East end, The West end, Park side, and Bayside.

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