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In the 1980s she performed in the stage play "Frankie and Johnny at the Clair de Lune" with actor Richard Lawson; Grier gained eighty pounds to prepare for this role.

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And then there were the Black Panther afro-activists like Angela Davis and Kathleen Cleaver.

Kathleen, wife of Eldridge, was a loud and proud afro-advocate, who accessorized her ’fro with hoop earrings and giant sunglasses.

Liberated from the costly and time-consuming burden of trying to make their hair resemble that of white folk, black chicks—and dudes—had found the perfect marriage of style and practicality. styles change, and fashion evolves, and the afro has—with the exception of occasional retro-hipster sighting on Broadway below Eighth Street—become as rare as a dodo. The alternatives—$2,000 weaves, time-consuming blowouts, and scalp-searing chemical processing—seem infinitely less desirable, and yet, African-Americans have largely turned their backs on the freaky ’fro. During the course of my on-stage conversation with the inspirational Pam, the subject of coiffures came up repeatedly.

La Grier, who on this gala occasion was wearing her hair in a silky high-lit, marcel-waved waterfall, was more than happy to talk wigs and weaves.

It's time for us to be more humane and more mature. It'll be Grier credits a visualization technique she learned about in a Bill Moyers health documentary with helping her to beat cancer.

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