Pagdating ng panahon chords juan dela cruz

An unauthorized compact disc (albeit excellently remastered and packaged) of the record from Shadoks /Normal Music (Bonn, Germany) --supplemented by spurious bonus live tracks from another edition of the band-- is sold in online Internet shops.

BABCause I'm yours E A B C2# C2#C2#C2# C2#Why can't I say that I'm in love?

E A B C2# B G# G# G# AI wanna shout it from the rooftops A B A G# A E2 A AI wish that it could be like that E F# A E2 A AWhy can't we be like that?

Wally Gonzales is showcased in this early effort as a progressive rock guitarist characteristic of the early '70s rock milieu.

In several months, keyboardist Rene Sugueco had also left (briefly replaced by Larry Martinez), and bassist Clifford Ho (briefly replaced by Tony Rodriguez).

Consequent to his dramatic part as the Judas character in the rock opera production, Sandy Tagarro vacated his instrumentalist role in the group and was replaced by Clifford Ho as bass guitarist.

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