Overcoming dating anxiety a self help approach

The program cost includes hotel stay, all meals, individualized comprehensive physician evaluation and physician follow up visits, individualized cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, interdisciplinary individual case management, cooking classes, individualized spiritual congruence therapy, as well as 36 separate group educational sessions on practical topics including anger management, emotional intelligence, physical modality therapies for depression and/or anxiety, nutrition and the brain, frontal lobe enhancement, stress management, overcoming loss, managing difficult relationships, making and staying with positive lifestyle choices, developing gratitude, courage, and self control, etc.The global fee also includes multiple books, DVDs, a medical grade light box for home light therapy, pedometer and walking sticks (utilized for exercise), cookbook, and other take home items that help motivate patients to continue the program in their home setting. Hundreds of patients with major clinical depression and/or anxiety, many with treatment resistant depression and anxiety (limited or no response to medication) have gone through the program and the outcome, utilizing standardized testing (Beck and DSM criteria) reveal a 99 % significant response rate and over 50 percent of participants leave with no clinical depression and/or anxiety. Neil Nedley is a full time physician who practices acute internal care medicine.

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