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This is the second course in this series which shows you how to use the 4 steps in the customer interactions cycle to manage customer relationships and provides the opportunity for realistic scenario practice.

This course teaches you simple techniques to get through even the worst customer service interaction with confidence.

This course will give you strategies to help you deal with, accept, and ultimately, thrive during the change process.

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This course is designed to help you discover new ways to stay at the top of the competitive high-performance chain by providing you with a basic understanding of benchmarking and the process involved in using benchmarking to increase performance.

One of the most important and valued characteristics of a well led team or organization is trust.

While taking this course, you will learn about the areas of conflict, how conflict affects you and others, and what conflict management style you most often use.

This course also provides you with a Conflict Resolution Model that can be used as a guide to help you manage and resolve conflicts as they arise. This course covers the basic process of critical thinking that can be used for any area, issue, or question you may be addressing.

This course examines a number of harmful, common myths that exist in the state government workforce.

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