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When he needs to, I guarantee you he’ll remember and use it.

You’ll find him in the parlour rooms of your heart, sad and sorry and fumbling, some day when you least expect it and you’ll give him tea and toast and love before he goes on his way again.

During her time off, she received letters from the Obamas, Jimmy Carter and tons of A-listers.

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Just Template It not only offer sellers the chance to put their own stamp on their e Bay store and listings, it also offers sellers a custom banner service.

Banners have seen an increase in popularity of late, and can help sellers promote goods from within a certain category, or alert customers of any special offers that the store may have.

Super model Angela Simmons and Rapper slash Actor Lil Romeo have a photo together floating around social media.

As you can see he went and got him a fine woman to hold on to!

Being the son of Master P., Romeo is a true hustler.

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