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All types of scams are described in details on Romancescam.

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“I thought he was too good to be true.”Chatting nightly over Yahoo!

Messenger from October 2006 through February 2007, Walter, a self-described white collar engineer and college sports enthusiast, ended up taking the spellbound Meade for the ride of her life.“We were going to get married,” she recalls, fighting back tears.

But who are these internet scammers and how do they operate?

The man Rhonda Meade fell in love with promised to elope with her to a tropical island paradise where they could be married along white beaches as the setting sun shimmered across vast, crystal-clear waters.

(full story) 12/29/2017 There are different scam scenarios. Scammer tries to keep up a regular correspondence, but all letters you receive contain only general content and there is no concrete information in them. You receive a photo of a potential date and the photo doesn't match up (e.g.

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