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But if you don’t, you could end up some hacker’s ‘slave’. It’s easy to imagine it’s paranoid to tape over your webcam, or paint over it with nail varnish.

The lyrics for a song called 'Old Uncle Ned', which details the slave's plight, were written by Foster.

The song begins: 'Dere was an old N****, dey call'd him uncle Ned. / He had no wool on de top ob his head / De place whar de wool ought to grow.'Critics allege that the statue reflects a broader trend of white musicians appropriating ideas from African American music and reaping their cultural and financial benefits.

Give online to support our amazing Coalition Partners There's no way to count with 100% accuracy the total number of people trapped in slavery.

But to us, the number isn’t as important as the people. Slavery has many forms and names, but it’s still slavery. Can you imagine being forced to work without pay, trapped, unable to walk away, subject to violence or the threat of violence, by another person as they control you? Slavery is illegal in every single country in the world. Join with Freedom Fighters around the world on 2.23.17 as we SHINE A LIGHT ON SLAVERY!

One resident vehemently for the removal said: 'You should melt the metal part down and recoup a little bit of [money].'A resident against the removal wrote in a letter published by the Post-Gazette: 'As far as the statue is concerned, others may see a black man at a white man's feet.

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