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Peter gave us a fascinating and comprehensive talk and answered many questions.Alan Beech the current awards: October 2017 [...] Ninesprings FM 1.9 Ninesprings FM will serve the population of Yeovil and the surrounding area.Does anyone know of a new station using this channel as I know that it is designated for low power stations in the Netherlands?

will commence originating from the Ross Revenge at 7.00AM on Friday 22nd December.

The changed schedule for the day will be:7am Johnny Lewis 9am Top Fifteen 10am Ray Clark – with the official launch at midday.

For many years it could only be heard through bedside radios in the Victoria Hospital but in 2002 it was awarded a licence to broadcast on medium wave. Maybe SNRT El Aiún was there, but they're often at a much reduced modulation level, so it's easy to miss when the channel is offering other stations. for a broadcasting licence to operate an ethnic commercial specialty FM radio station in Winnipeg to replace its ethnic commercial AM radio station CKJS Winnipeg.

radio station in Gatineau The Commission approves an application for a broadcasting licence to operate a French-language community Supporters meeting last night: A fabulous and well attended evening with special guest speaker Peter Chicago the legendary Caroline engineer who started his career on RNI.

Taken together, the audience feedback and the coverage data have informed which medium wave transmitters are unlikely to be value for money in the longer term. was reactivated a few months ago from Arad, so the signal does not yet come also from Deva at present!

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