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“It was potentially a place of refuge.” A growing body of evidence has been discovered since the ‘70s that shows a substantial human presence in the Americas before 14,000 years ago.

(Like the most-read-about archaeological find of 2016: “16,000-Year-Old Tools Discovered in Texas, Among the Oldest Found in the West“) But there’s limited archaeological evidence to suggest that the continent was populated a full 25,000 years ago.

Ariane Burke, adviser to Bourgeon and a co-author of the new study, in a press statement.

“These are indisputable cut-marks created by humans.” The team also conducted its own series of radiocarbon tests on six of the bones with the butchery marks.

Back then, radiocarbon dating placed the bones at about 25, 000 years old — not in itself surprising, except that many of the bones appeared to have been butchered by humans.

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