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Thanks for your motivating posts/emails- I’m tackling clutter and Craigslist, next.” – Nicole“You inspired me to make some calls this past weekend and I saved: a month on cell phones 0 a year on car and renter’s insurance a month on internet I also signed up for direct deposit at the bank that has my car loan, shaving .25% of the APR. ” – Sara“I just saved 0 per year thanks to this challenge.And refinanced my student loans, going from 6.55% interest to 4.8! I had called my previous insurance company and reviewed line by line just three weeks ago, but when I saw that your wife was at about half my annual premium for a really similar car situation, I called a new insurance company. It is very inspiring, and it convinced me to start challenging everything as well.): “I found out the other day that my boyfriend spends 0 on cable each month. I told him about your challenge, had him call in and he reduced his bill down to a month. I actually ended up staying up until 7AM (all nighter baby!

No credit card required adults meet up for sexy sites-50

Cell phone – reduced by $90 ($160 down to $70) by switching my phone line to Republic Wireless $10 plan and moving my wife to a single line plan with Verizon ($60) – I am trying my hardest to stick to the $10 Republic plan but may have to go to the $25 plan whenever we go out of town away from my usual wireless networks. Internet – reduced by $25 ($55 down to $30) by doing a quick online chat with a representative to ask them how I can lower my monthly payment because I have noticed another competitor offering lower cost/higher speed. Maybe I should try this with my satellite bill as well!

:-D Total savings so far: $130 per month” — Jordan“Thanks for posting this. Went with esurance for the same coverage versus Allstate.

;)” – AJ“Over the last several years I’d say we have been very aware of our finances, always budgeting and tracking spending and setting goals.

2015 we felt like we really hit our groove, and I was putting things on autopilot. All I’ve done is transfer any unexpected money into the account – Craigslist sales, Ebates, a refund from the city for unknowingly overpaying our water bill, Christmas cash, etc.

This is a line item I just didn’t pay much attention to – thinking a savings would only be a few dollars…. Tried to get the agent to match or reduce but they couldn’t-sooooo…..” – Jay P“Since reading through your site about a month ago I have been able to put a realistic budget plan in place and started pouring through our monthly expenses and was able to save about $1,030 PER MONTH!

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