Naugty thailand

If your timing is wrong the selection will be poor or the price outrageous.

Another type of sex massage in Phuket is offered by conventional massage shops, which are liberally scattered in tourist areas near the girlie bar sections.

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Sometimes they suggest, other times you’ll have to ask.

You can, however, get these girls to sometimes come back to your hotel for an ‘outside fee’ to give the massage, and they might go the whole way if the price is right.

These massage parlours are unique to Thailand and offer the ‘happy ending’ full body massage in Phuket at a few discreet places, and foreigners are equally welcome.

A list of While most punters take girls home to their hotel rooms from the go go bars, the Phuket soapy massage places offer rooms on the premises, which suits those who are looking for a ‘quicky’ or have no hotel room to go to.

The best place to meet these girls is on This costs an extra 500 Baht usually (on top of the 300 Baht for an hour’s oil massage) and if done properly can be a great experience.

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