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' Proteri Amari says 'The one who controls this area of the city goes by the name Ixvet Pox.

She's as cruel as the rest, but considerably more intelligent which makes her even more dangerous.

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As you may have noticed, the majority of these creatures are brutish types best suited for destruction.

They are kept under control solely by strong [leadership].' You say, 'What leadership?

What they are now used for I can explain in further detail. We can only guess what purpose this part of the city served and all we know now is that it is home to some of the cruelest acts of violence against the nihil. He was diligent about recording what he found so I would assume that if he has been captured that his writings must be lying around the area somewhere.

I assigned this area to Talwin, a young wood elf new to the brotherhood. Initially things were going well, but the information he was sending was not helping much. See if you can find two of his journal entries and bring them back to me. According to what Talwin has written here, the head slaver is a being known as Ixvet Pox who spends much of his time in the Stone Worker Yard.

Before Falcin passed on, I asked him if he had found anything out about Talwin and he shook his head. He left to explore the new continent a couple of days ago. While it seems you could easily go find the head slaver, I would suggest talking to Proterri first and asking him about Talwin.

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