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Not surprisingly Oneida won and was promptly renamed Amarillo.

The first houses in town were actually painted yellow in honor of the new name and perhaps in guilt for mispronouncing the Spanish word.

It’s truly what Christmas is all about.” Amen to that. That meant four straight days of tournaments during a period when a lot of folks were looking for something to entertain them. The girls’ tournament has since been rescheduled to a two-day slot just before Christmas, when a lot of folks are shopping and otherwise preparing for Christmas. ********** Now, having offered that, I offer something I like even better, written just last month by someone with a little more experience in life than I have.

He has such a big heart and is trying to do something for all the right reasons. ******* And on another Christmas theme: I don’t know why the Watkins Glen School District decided in the not-too-distant past to hold the Melissa B. It used to be -- as devised by former Athletic Director Craig Cheplick, who knew how to utilize the Field House, drawing crowds and, with them, funds -- that the Wilson memorial tournament would run two days and the Watkins boys holiday tournament for two days, both between Christmas and New Year’s. But fever or not, I kind of like it, and offer it here as reassurance that there is, indeed, a gentleman named Santa Claus.

A rancher named Sanborn bought land on the other side of the tracks because of its elevation and convinced others to move their businesses there as well.

Actually, rains and the subsequent flooding did most of the convincing.

The railroad (Fort Worth and Denver City) was coming through the Panhandle in 1887 and merchants from Colorado City wanted to establish stores at a logical stop.

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