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Buck– at Queen Mary, University of London (added July 30, 2017) Megan Cassidy-Welch– at Monash University (added August 1, 2017) Paul E. Andrew Holt– at Florida State College at Jacksonville (added July 31, 2017) John D. Kedar– at Hebrew University of Jerusalem (added August 21, 2017) Svetlana Luchitskaya– at Lomonosov Moscow State University (added August 7, 2017) Laurence Marvin– at Berry College (added July 27, 2017) Nicholas Morton– at Nottingham Trent University (added August 23, 2017) Steve Muhlberger– at Nipissing University (added July 27, 2017) Alan V.

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Previously, French scholars such as Grousset had dominated the field, and their work was often coloured by a romantic notion that they were writing about , 3 vols. One point worth making is that he did take Byzantium very much into account. Many points have now been challenged, often by Riley-Smith and his acolytes (Edbury etc.), but Prawer was the pioneer who asked the difficult questions in the first place and established the distinguished Israeli school of crusade historians (Jacoby, Kedar, Ellenblum, etc.).

Carl Erdmann, This is the starting-point for any serious consideration of the nature of holy war at the end of the eleventh century, judicious and widely ranging, paying attention to Spain as well as the East.

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I read with much interest what was the choice of our Colleagues. DUPRONT, “La chrétienté et l’idée de croisade, 2nd ed., Paris 1995: the analysis of the permanence of the crusading idea in the popular mentality is not yet superseded. CHRISTIANSEN, “The Northern Crusades”, London 2nd ed. HOUSLEY, “The later Crusades”, Oxford 1992: a complete overview of the XIVth and XVth Centuries leagues and crusades, which remains a reference till to-day. MICHAUD, “Histoire des croisades”, 4 vol., Paris 1862: a basic work for the history of the crusades, considered as a glorious event of the French monarchy, but masterful for the details of the expeditions – J. RILEY-SMITH, “The First Crusade and the Idea of Crusading”, Philadelphia 1986: a major work of the leader of the Crusade historians in England, which demonstrates the high pious motivations of the crusaders. M SETTON, “A History of the Crusades”, 6 vol., Madison, Milwaukee and London 1969-1989: a masterly work, due to the cooperation of the most important Crusade historians of the time, which remains an indispensable reference; – H. MAYER, ” Die Urkunden der lateinischen Könige von Jerusalem”: a masterpiece of erudition which constitutes the base of all researches on the Latin kingdom. Michel BALARD, emeritus Professor of medieval History, University of Paris 1 – Sorbonne Top ten crusading volumes in no particular order Penny J. The Preaching of the Crusades to the Holy Land (1994).

Jonathan Riley-Smith, , London This may not be his most challenging work, and it was only the first book among a great many, but Riley-Smith did much to transform the study of the Military Orders from potboilers about Templar crimes to an important sub-division of crusader research.

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