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"In my case, we had our second child through IVF and needed a little bit of help to have our third.Afterwards we both felt that we'd got one for free and we should try and help other people.Ms Levete, who won the contract for the project in 2011, said: "It's an absolute honour to have the Duchess of Cambridge opening this building, and I feel very proud of the work my team have done." The architect, who has recently been nominated for a CBE, said Kate was "quite stunned" when she first emerged into the porcelain courtyard because the "sun came out and the courtyard was glistening".

"Joanna wanted to sponsor a couple through treatment at the Sims Clinic, I said I would do a sponsored run and donate anything I raised to Sims.

We thought we would sponsor one, maybe two, couples, but there was such a huge response from people looking for help and donating that we set it up properly as a charity by the end of that year." The friends run Pomegranate, named after the fruit that is a fertility symbol in many cultures, from their kitchen tables, meeting regularly to catch up.

It was a blow, especially as Deirdre had said the treatment was the "last chance saloon", as without Pomegranate's support they would never have been able to afford it.

Making the call to tell the lucky couple they've been selected is a bittersweet moment for Joanna and Fiona, who says: "For every couple we can help, there are 49 we can't.

V&A director Dr Tristram Hunt said: "I think she was wowed by the architecture, and she was really interested in the engineering - how we dug down and yet kept the walls upright and didn't break a single glassware or ceramics." Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge receives flowers from six year old Lydia Hunt the daughter of new director of the V&A museum and former Labour MP Tristram Hunt at Victoria & Albert Museum on June 29, 2017 in London, England The Duchess of Cambridge arrives at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, to open the new V&A Exhibition Road quarter. Meadhbh Mc Grath It was a year of great change in the fashion industry, but it took going back 20 years to deliver 2017's biggest fashion moment.

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