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I think I used a box for a fridge from the recycling bin outside the hardware furniture store.

We need to check the 'grain' (way the inside tubes run) should be north to south for the strongest structure.

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Strain if you want a fine paint (old nylon stocking works well). Please check out https:// for leather hinge instructions You'll be so inspired by these Design Ideas below!

The door imitates the internal structure of a single piece of 1-ply cardboard.1. Here are some other Cartonnistes - Cardboard Furniture Designers from France. Also check out Also see below the Retur designers using a different construction technique with screws and satay sticks: I would really like to make the round one with shelves straight acrossed.could you give me written instructions of the best way to get the measurments i will need please?

Slice 3-4 times over the line you've drawn without using pressure. WARNING: Accuracy in MILLIMETRES is essential, or your structure may collapse. If you cut on the vertical GRAIN each piece will be stronger than if you cut a horizontal grain. The 3rd silhouette will not be cut out inside as this is to be the BACK of the shelf.

You'll be surprised how effortless it is compared to working with WOOD. In the pictures here, some like to cut 4 silhouette shapes for extra support.1. You can create more than 3 silhouettes for extra strength for a long chest of drawers for example.

Create more spaces that weren't there before, save a tonne by creating you're own furniture out of cardboard and watercolour tape.

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