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Ended up leaving the club and going down an alley way where we gave each other head..Made him cum so hard anyone ever get fingered by a stranger?

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Very smart and dressed to impress which leads you into a false sense of security. He backed into her pressing her against a wall he pressed her hard so she couldn’t move or resist. He then slide his hands up her legs feeling her up then fingered her in front of us all.

We all spent some time listen to some live music; she danced with no inhibitions. She then went off with hubby and returned to the floor having had her knickers removed for me to allowing her juices to flood as my hard cock ground against her, she was soaking wet and loving the moves. I think it's cause when I was 17 I was kissing this guy..

By the end she was grinding her pussy against my heel.

Every now and again giving me a slightly paniced glance, but making no effort to stop me.

He smiled a walked off We left shortly after and had more fun in the taxi XI fingered my ex while standing in a crush to get to the bar in a crowded pub one night.

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