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If “” boasts an outlandish, hypnotic intro before settling in a zone dominated by R&B and retro funk. As usual, the melody in the chorus is simple and attractive, a procedure also followed on “”, an unanticipated 100% Brazilian samba song with cuíca sounds included and a hard-driving groove.

Kamasi Washington, whose music remains passionate and poignant, exteriorizes his musicality with feeling and manages to attract followers from opposite sides of the jazz spectrum. Rez Abbasi (electric guitar); Rudresh Mahanthappa (alto saxophone); Vijay Iyer (piano); Johannes Weidenmueller (double bass); Dan Weiss (drums); Elizabeth Mikhael(cello).

He offers both an instant insight into Anouar Brahem’s intentions whilst at the same time fitting into the Holland/De Johnette partnership like his name was Chick Corea. Actually, to listen to the way Mr Bates falls into his lone three minute plus solo entry to , he’s at a place I haven’t heard Corea, or even Jarrett, inhabit in recent years.

A slow rhythmic repeat of the left hand against the right hand’s pointed potent melody is positively cosmic.

In the final section, ornamental guitar and dreamy horn ostinatos function as pigment intensifiers.

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