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There are certain words his tongue seems to trip over — like "girlfriend," "love" and "commitment." But since men are action-driven, it's really more important what he does than what he says.

Already, Bumble has established itself as an unworkable venue for guys accustomed to carpet-bombing women with “Hey baby” and “Nice (body part)” messages.

That’s because Wolfe — a co-founder of Tinder, a notorious haven for such annoyances — has insisted that on Bumble, only women can initiate male-female conversations.

When men bother to use words, it's to inspire action (whereas women communicate to bond).

So if a guy insults another guy, he automatically thinks he wants to fight.

“I personally can tell you that all my girlfriends — and many women I’ve spoken to — have this fear of being perceived as desperate or forward when they want to approach a man,” Wolfe said.

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