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As proof of the staying power of urban legends, especially those that posit a danger to children, we note that the venerable (false) tale of kidnappers plying their trade at theme parks has resurfaced among Malaysian social media users.

As usual, the current crop of rumors hold that abductors at a theme park (Legoland, in this case) snatched a child away from his mother when her attention was temporarily diverted elsewhere, then spirited him away to another part of the park (likely a restroom), where they drugged him and took great pains to alter his appearance by dressing him in different clothing and cutting his hair so that he could be more easily smuggled out of the park unnoticed: A horrifying story of a child being drugged and having his appearance altered in an attempted kidnapping at a Legoland is making its rounds again on social media again.

While the post did not specify which Legoland it was, Legoland Malaysia said it has received a number of calls from concerned visitors recently about this post.

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Mr Mark Germyn, divisional director of Legoland Malaysia Resort’s executive office, told The Straits Times that the post was a hoax and that no such incident had happened in any of the six Legolands in the world.

Legoland said when the post first surfaced in 2012, it filed a report with Malaysian police and reported the matter to Facebook.

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