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The Malays as a race are somewhat divided into many other ethnic groups, depending on their geographical locations.

However, some of them do share a few common principles.

Some of them include tepak sirih (betel nut holder), sirih junjung (betel leaves floral arrangement), pulut kuning (yellow glutinous rice), sintok limau (kaffir lime). Musical instruments include kompang (hand-held drums) and nafiri (flute).

Before, during and after the burial, there are prayers. On the fortieth day usually, members of the family of the deceased usually will feed the poor so that the act of the alms will ease the passing of the dead.

Between all the rituals mentioned above, there are a whole lot more to learn about Malay customs.

The baby, by this time has grown into a toddler are guided to touch the ground with its bare feet. Normally done to coincide with the baby's first birthday.

Around the age of ten to twelve, the circumcision ceremony for boys is normally carried out. These two rituals normally coincide with "berkhatam Quran", whereby the children finished learning reciting the Holy Book from a Guru. Parents expect their grown up children to start a family of their own.

Here are the steps: Bersanding is part of the ceremony in a Malay wedding There are many taboos to observe so as not to give offense to anyone. Future in-laws will have many meetings to determine the suitability of the union.

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