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Mark asks her if she would date someone in the spotlight or out of the spotlight. Christmas mentioned that BB had to do an emergency lockdown last night as they got too wild.

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She tells him about a singer songwriter she knows in Dallas. Matt eats his snack, gets some milk, and then goes back to bed. AM BBT – All HGs are asleep AM BBT – Raven wakes up to use WR – She rinses her mouth out with mouthwash. Christmas asks Kevin how he slept and he said he woke up a few times in the night.

AM BBT Elena is still telling him about a song he is writing about writing a song, she says it ends with it being a screw you song because the girl messed around on him. Small things make a difference Christmas say to Kevin.

For spoilers on Comps, Alliances and House Stats visit us at For Tuesday, August 8th go to AM BBT Cody, Jessica, and Matt resting in Rose room, other HGs are chatting in the green room. Alex says hearing, mentioning that she could feel the bass.

Paul asks Josh what blind people dream about if they’ve never seen before.

AM BBT Christmas says that they had 4 timeouts in 2 days. ” In the green room, Paul says “here we go.” Raven accuses Matthew of messing with her hair extensions. Raven enters the GR, looking for her “weave.” Paul jokingly accuses Josh of taking it. AM BBT The convo goes to the Haunted House temptation comp, then the goodbye messages that they’re filming right now. Christmas shouts from the GR to the KT that Kevin wants more chuck than slide. Alex recalls that whenever she would pluck her eyebrows, there would be a hair in the center of her eyes. Josh comes back the living room to say that Paul is screaming in his DR. Alex says that Raven is getting paranoid, and got on everyone’s nerves.

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