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A great system for our do-it-you-self customer, easy to hide. Recover-It uses police forensic quality data recovery for many types of files. " These can safes have the same authentic labels and bodies as the real thing. Are you having problems with your employees leaving when they should be at work. Features digital technology (replacing the old analog tech), boosted range and now audio.

Our new digital sweep wireless camera connects easily to your TV or PC. An update of a classic wireless nanny cam in a smaller version. 9v battery operated or plug into 110 VAC wall outlet. Police say they're "better than a locked safe and a thousand times cheaper! See your security cam's over the internet or on your smart phone. 4 night vision metal dome cameras ( NOT plastic like at Discount stores) with networkable security system dvr with motion detection and all cables and tips!

Choose a wireless mini camera that doesn't need an external DVR and record hours of on-the-go footage right to an SD card, or carry a button or pinhole miniature camera with a portable DVR and review your video as it happens.

These tiny security cameras are ideal for anybody that wants hands-free covert footage; perfect for law enforcement, private investigators, secret shoppers, and many more.

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