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I played it cool to Ron, like I may not, or may just go topless, but deep down, I wanted to put myself out there.

I wanted men to walk by and look, and I wanted to look at there reactions to my body through my sunglasses.

I turned to Ron and said, "Honey, your not going to believe this, but I'm taking off my top. Just enjoy yourself and let me in on what you are enjoying." At that, Ron stood up, leaned over and kissed me and took down his board shorts like he was shucking some corn.

He picked up a towel and held it across his member and plopped back down in his pool lounger.

A was stunned, excited, a bit drunk, and ready as ever to show not just my tits but my sexy pussy as well.

We decided on an all inclusive resort there, that had a clothing optional component to it.

In fact, if I were being honest, when I read the material carefully, I could tell that some swinging and overt displays of sexuality were likely to be part of the mix there.

I wanted it, because I knew already that this would drive me wet and wild with passion for sex.

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