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Carry it in your pocket, in your wallet or purse, or in your underwear.

It doesn’t matter where you put it, as long as you keep it with you for at least a week. During this week, make sure that you listen to your gut, or inner voice.

So what does that have to do with dating and relationships?

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You'll always be looking for something that only you can provide. Before you know it, your most important relationship, the one with yourself, will be your most amazing, rewarding, supportive, and fulfilling relationship.

If there's a hole inside of you that you think someone else can fill, look in the mirror and you'll see who can fill it. If you believe these Law of Attraction tips for love are worth sharing, would you take a second to let your friends know about it?

I’m going to show you a real quick and simple way to Attract the exact person that you are looking for – Your dream date! Assume that you are perfect in every way and there is nothing standing in your way of getting exactly what you want. Otherwise, the Universe will have no idea what you really want ñ and that’s what it will give you.

Take out a piece of paper and write down everything you want in your perfect relationship. Not money, or looks, or time, or anything else.“ImagineÖ You can have anything that you want! (Just a quick note, when I say ‘Universe’, I mean God, Buddha, Mother Earth, or whatever term you use for your universal higher power.)Confused?

The point here is that you’ve placed your order with the Universe, now you need to pay attention to the signs that are being sent your way and ACT ON THEM!

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