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" The New York Post quoted a friend of Korshunova claiming she had just returned from a modeling gig in Paris and seemed to be "on top of the world." "There were no signs," he said.

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One example included a rape victim who was blamed for her own assault and accused of self-pity, the Pomerantsev researched the cult and interviewed people who had been in the sect to get first-hand experience of the Rose of the World, and he claims one of the life coaches talked about Korshunova’s death.“Ruslana was (a) typical victim,” he said, adding: “Sometimes it’s better to commit suicide than not to change.”A source from Rose World has reportedly disputed that version of events, saying that: "Korshunova had what we call a 'rollback'.

You'd find her wandering round town, unsure what she was doing there.

Vorobeyv, 22, said their three-month romance began in December.

They met at a party in Moscow, when she was still smarting from her breakup with boyfriend Artem Perchenok, 24. She always wanted to seem stronger." Vorobeyv said he felt better about dumping Korshunova when he learned she was dating 32-year-old Mark Kaminsky.

There is more to suggest that the model may have been depressed though, with recent blog posts hinting at hidden angst.

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