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It’s taken me two years of really trying to be as genuine as I can to build that trust in the fans.

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In 2017, Jillian and her boyfriend Justin starred in their own four episode documentary series, 'Jillian and Justin', which was aired on W Network in Canada in June.

In 2009, Harris became engaged to Ed Swiderski, who she chose as the winner of her season of The Bachelorette. On March 4, 2016, Harris announced that she was expecting her first child with longtime boyfriend Justin Pasutto.

I’m very quirky, goofy, and sometimes a little scatterbrained, so this show is going to have a different vibe. And after it was done, I swore I would never go in front of the camera again. And when you can do that, you can find peace in yourself and you become a better human being and you attract better people.

It’s been a lot of fun.”On her small screen hesitations. I just wanted to go back to my old life, get married, have kids, and have a regular job. So I truly believe that the situation that happened between Ed and I allowed me to be a more positive and open-minded person, and that led me to the person I’m dating now.

The former "Bachelorette" star did something few celebrities do when she shared postpartum pics of herself in a blog post she wrote about her son Leo's birth.

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