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The only other reason I have a problem with it is she says she plays Wo W(and I am not questioning this) and I am sorry but there is just as many douchebags playing that and other MMOs as well. Obviously, not all who play shooters are this way but a substantial amount.

Just go look at the article on the 7 biggest d**k moves in online gaming over on Cracked. hardcore is great, I refuse to even use the term hardcore anymore as it really has lost all meaning, but she has a great view of it that makes me want to use the term again. Nice interview and accompanying articles Ben, you do seem to have a knack for picking interviewees...

Thanks for that interview Ben those are always entertaining.

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It's not just exaggeration, it's wrong and it's hurtful to the site when new people read it in the comments.

I liked all of her responses except for the one against online shooters. I've been in squads and heard first hand the absolutely ridiculous s**t that gets said when a women/girl enters the game.

PSXE should unblock her and mail her a humble apology. In fact, nobody has been banned in the past two years outside of one troll that people ASKED me to ban. You're over-exaggerating and being overly dramatic. There will be no apology when I'm accused of only posting things with the express purpose of objectifying women and only catering to neanderthal men.

And when saying someone "constantly" sees me interviewing "pin-up" models" when in six years, it has happened three damn times.

;) Seriously though Ms Horton's difficulties in online shooters is something that I can sort of sympathize with since I use female avatars in WKC/WKC2 and of course Home.

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