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Mr Settelen, 65, who played Sandy Hardcastle in the 1979 ITV series Flambards, told NBC in 2004 that after the first voice coaching session in 1992: “I said, 'Look, I want to bring a camera.I want you to see you, and we will do your story, you will tell me your story, and then you can watch. If somebody can draw you out and take you to the best of you, and you then see it, it reaffirms, 'Yes, that is me, it's okay to be me.'” The resulting 20 video tapes were made at a time when Diana had already secretly talked to biographer Andrew Morton who first revealed the problems in her marriage, but before her 1995 Panorama interview in which she publicly declared: “There were three of us in this marriage.” Much of the footage recorded during Mr Settelen’s voice coaching sessions consists of Diana doing voice exercises, but some of it shows her speaking freely about her personal life. And then the thrill when he used to ring up was so immense and intense.” Diana also recalled how she confronted Charles over his adultery with Camilla.But it is known that among the 21 hours of footage recorded during Mr Settelen’s voice coaching sessions were times in which Diana was remarkably open about her sexual relationship with Prince Charles. He used to see his lady [Camilla, now Duchess of Cornwall and the Prince Charles’ second wife] once every three weeks before we got married.” The NBC broadcast caused such controversy that the BBC later shelved plans for a documentary showing British viewers extracts from the tapes in 2007.

How to broadcast sex

Channel 4 has acquired access to videotapes made at Kensington Palace in 19, in which Diana discussed intimate details of her personal life with her voice coach, the UK-based American actor Peter Settelen.

The contents of the tapes – described as “dynamite” by one TV producer – are so sensitive they have never before been broadcast on British television. The channel is so far refusing to say whether or not it will broadcast the parts of the videotaped confessions where Princess Diana discussed her sex life.

The rapper was scheduled to perform that night at Echostage in Washington, D. Many folks noted that Kodak, who is facing sexual assault charges in South Carolina for an alleged assault that occurred—you guessed it—in a hotel room, should be a little more careful about sharing details of his sex life.

Extracts from a series of video recordings during which Princess Diana discussed her sex life with Prince Charles are to be broadcast on British television for the first time.

As was shown on NBC in 2004, she said she and Charles met only 13 times before they married. She told Mr Settelen: “I remember saying to my husband, ‘Why, why is this lady around?

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