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Janelle and I accepted gladly, but the rest of our cheerleading squad decided it had been a long day and it was time to go home. I stared in double astonishment: not only was she kissing another girl in front of her ! Rachel." "You have a great young, ripe body," she continued, her hand moving up my leg and her face drawing closer to mine. My brain instantly shut down, offering me no intelligible response.

I had just moved here at the beginning of my senior year, moving in with my dad when my mom had gotten way too intense. And very soon," Rachel pronounced, her tone portentous as she again squeezed my leg. " "No," I said, having been dumped by David only a month ago and still feeling pretty bitter about it. "You're such a pretty young woman." I felt flattered, since Mrs. Steele said warmly, placing her hand back on my leg... My eyes went wide, but I was too surprised to move. "I find it very sensual." Now I did not want to know! Tiffany asked, seemingly not noticing anything out of the ordinary as she casually stepped down into the hot tub with a glass of red wine in each hand, "So what are you two talking about? I knew if I opened my mouth I would just begin babbling incoherently. Steele shrugged, "I'm just to getting to know Miranda a little better." She was so cool that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Steele chuckled, her hand moving slightly higher up my thigh, slightly to the inside, "Oh, I was being very thorough." My cheeks burned at the innuendo I hoped only she and I understood. Steele smiled, her tone not pleading at all, but clearly implying the obvious.

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She was also very touchy-feely, which sometimes made me feel uncomfortable. "Don't think of me in such a limited way," she urged. "So you have kissed girls Tiffany, have you kissed the other set of lips? " Tiffany gasped; her mother had finally said something that even her daughter found outrageous. In the 80s I ate so much pussy I began to think it was a food group," Tiffany's mother bragged. Back then when we had girl nights, we didn't do much sleeping." She paused, and she looked directly at my mouth, the one she had so recently kissed, as she added, "But we do a fair amount of eating." "It's 2016 Mom, who hasn't kissed the lower pair of lips? I realised that her outrage of a moment ago had been more theatrical play-acting than real. I mean I had heard more than enough details of their many escapades, including Tiffany's first anal experience with a college guy; Janelle's first, second and third threesomes; Janelle's fourth threesome, which had included Tiffany... But they had never talked about lesbian sex other than in the third person. the naughty talk, her hand on my leg which throughout this entire conversation had been inching... "Y-y-yes," I stammered, my attention totally riveted on the fact that Mrs. "Maybe you should get out of the tub." I definitely should have gotten out of the hot tub a long time ago! Janelle added, "I wish my Mom was as cool as Rachel." Mrs.

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