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Never into the plastic people glam-show scene, Joe went to 488, a game show, he couldn't remember the name of it, a woman's show, not at all unlike the old 'Oprah' shows, only the women were less dumpy, more professional, and for therapy, instead of Doctor Whatshisname, they simply had their boyfriends duck into the pillory wall and got to toss eggs at their heads for prizes whenever the interviewed couples got to a point where they discussed the battle of the sexes in mainly female terms.

All in good fun, but nothing like the music videos, where channel 489 was featuring headbanger girl bands of the 2030s, guys crawling at their feet with loin cloths on that left the occasional gaping view of a penis or two.

Or, be all that you can be, and make a career of it. Sign a title 47, and thumb that nag on the way out the door, Mister!

Femworld is for men like you, ready for a challenge and adventure of a lifetime! " I'd been dead on my ass after a long day at the warehouse, and in bed, and the electric wires in my house had done that to me, making my house into a boombox. "Got an old fashioned girl who goes by the name of Ellis who wants to meet my brother! Stop hiding behind that computer screen and get over here tomorrow at sevenish!

Warehousing is a dying business with so much automation, Joe. I mean, no real risk was involved, and I was getting long of tooth for playing much longer without finding a means of getting my hands on some nano improvements. We have over 200 options, and any time frame that you want.

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