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So if you need to dive deep on banking in Peru, tablets in Romania or mining in Mongolia, we can help.If you need to make a decision, you need to rank the options.What political and economic factors are at play in each election? Download the free report Whether it is deciding which Latin American country will provide the best operating environment for a logistics business, predicting which cities in China will emerge in the coming years to have the most favourable income levels and socio-demographics for a specific consumer product or assessing distribution channels in Africa for construction equipment, we can help. Where are the sources of revenue and profit going to be for your business tomorrow?

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Download the free report This report sets out our forecasts for six industry sectors – automotive, consumer goods, retail, financial services, healthcare and telecommunications – in 2018.

What challenges and opportunities will each sector face?

We understand that businesses need to identify where the next opportunity is coming from so that they can act fast to seize it.

Our team comprises experts on every country in the world. Many of our clients have investment horizons measured in decades.

We have even produced rankings of countries' peacefulness for a philanthropic organisation, and benchmarked the security regime that countries apply to their stocks of nuclear material.

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