George michael dating 2016

Friends say Diana became "obsessed" with theidea of beginning an affair with her friend thesinger after her marriage to Charles floundered.Despite his homosexuality, George is said tohave admitted "giving serious consideration" tosleeping with the Princess.Rising well after midday at his north Londonhome, he cannot think about work before he hasconsumed a seemingly endless succession of cupsof tea.

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And he is the first to admit that his love ofmarijuana is hardly a natural bedfellow with therigorous self-discipline demanded of the lonelywriter — although he has cut his consumptionfrom 25 cannabis joints a day to six.

As an incentive to knuckle down, there is, ofcourse, the little matter of the £6 million the singeris being paid to tell the "no-holds-barred" story ofhis often troubled life. But no matter how badly he is afflicted by thecurse of writer's block as he finally sits down at hiscomputer, he won't, one imagines, be reaching for ayellowing copy of his first "searingly frank" autobiographyfor inspiration.

Witness his mega-money deal last week with Harper Collins for the as yet untitled book, which isdue on the shelves in the autumn of next year.

This, lest we forget, is the publishing house ownedby Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.

And given his previous reluctance to give the full,unvarnished truth of his turbulent rise from teenheart-throb to tortured superstar, what are thechances of him starting now?

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